Getting the best out of your NUC

The power of small

NUC is sat on an empty desk.
Getting the best out of your NUC

For years now, the NUC has been used for space saving when working from home or working in a small office. Only 4.6 inches by 2.2 by 2 inches, the compact personal computers have been praised for their efficiency. The mini PCs are powerful enough to run office suites and handle web browsing with ease.

Most of us are used to having a PC that takes over our desks, the Intel NUC is a brilliant solution for this without impacting your day to day tasks.

This is a game changer for remote workers, most NUCs are just as if not more powerful than a laptop and can do pretty much everything a standard desktop is capable of, all you need is a viable screen to connect to. 

NUCs also have the ability to be completely customisable, they only come with the case, motherboard, and the CPU. Although everything else needs to be purchased separately and installed by the user this means that you can customise the NUC to your requirements, something that is a lot harder to do with a computer and laptop.

The power of graphics

A boy is using the NUC as a game station.
Getting the best out of your NUC

Connecting your NUC to an HD TV is a great way to set yourself up for gaming. to get powerful gaming performance with the Intel Core 16 processor with Intel Iris Plus graphics. It features more pixels than full HD screens leaving you with crisper, cleaner images for more immersive gaming.

Intel has really focused on creating NUCs that allow seamless play for popular games all rendered in brilliant colour. The NUC is prepared for the future with Intel Optane Memory you can pair it with high capacity storage, improving responsiveness and giving you relatively lag-free gaming experience.

NUCS come with AMD Radeon™ 540X discrete graphics, 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory onboard this really enhances the game for more immersive gameplay.

The power of HD

A NUC is being used as a viewing device with a TV.
Getting the best out of your NUC

Whether you’re using an Intel® Core™ i3, i5, or i7 processor, the Intel® NUC has the features you need to stream movies, play your favourite music, or show a digital slide show of that family vacation to the Grand Canyon. With 7.1 surround sound via the HDMI* 2.0 port and consumer infrared to connect with your remote, you’ve got a home entertainment PC that really performs.

An HDMI 2.0 port delivers brilliant 4K images at a 60 HZ refresh rate, adding even better definition and clarity. This means less eye-strain and more eye-popping colour while watching the latest Hollywood thriller or streaming through your photos.

With Intel Iris Plus graphics, you can see your movies in high resolution with enhanced media conversation that delivers picture-perfect performances every time, all without the need of a discrete graphics card.

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