How BlueParrott wireless Bluetooth® headsets can help staff and customers in noisy environments

Noise pollution is a growing environmental health concern across the modern world. It has been linked to problems including anxiety, sleep disturbance, stress and even increases in the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

When issues with noise affect people in a working environment, it can lead to loss of concentration, reduced productivity, poor performance and increased risk to safety.

It’s critical to address the challenge of high-noise environments. Companies need solutions that reduce the negative impact of noise and enable workers to be effective in the tasks they carry out.

Problems with noise at work

According to a Knowledge Worker Study by Jabra, a massive 78% of workers state that noise and interruptions negatively impact their productivity. This one single issue has many ramifications across all type of environments, including:

Retail and hospitality

Communication and customer care are the cornerstones of retail and hospitality environments, where clear colleague-to-colleague collaboration is essential to delivering customer satisfaction. Any noise disruption can affect staff communication and negatively impact the way your brand is perceived by shoppers and guests.

Warehouses and construction

In working environments such as warehouses, background noise can make it difficult to hear alerts from supervisors, warnings from co-workers, and alarms that can signal risks or on-site dangers.

Move the noisy working environment outside to construction sites and the dangers are still there, with additional risks to members of the public. Working without support from enhanced communications devices increases these risks to a much higher level.

Emergency services

Not being able to fully communicate in complex environments where for example, emergency services are required, could seriously compromise the safety of everyone involved.

Being able to talk effectively with colleagues or citizens without background noise interference is a critical requirement.

An accessible way to achieve this is by using noise cancelling headsets that enable your team to communicate clearly even in the most challenging of circumstances.

5 ways noise-cancelling headsets enable better communication

Noise-cancelling headsets can solve many of the issues encountered with background noise in the workplace. Headsets with active noise-cancelling will help both the user of the set and the caller to communicate better with each other, no matter how loud the environment gets.

  1. With a good noise-cancelling headset, your caller will hear your voice well above any background noise, and you can talk freely without distraction.
  2. Calls can be more efficient as you won’t need to strain your voice or repeat yourself if details are missed, so conversations will be faster and more accurate. This improves customer satisfaction levels and makes it more likely your organisation will be trusted.
  3. Using noise-cancelling headsets to communicate between staff can help to increase customer satisfaction. In a retail environment where workers are customer-facing, they may need to access further information when asked questions they can’t answer themselves. Using headsets can provide a discreet and rapid way to improve customer experience.
  4. Adding Bluetooth into the mix means that communication can continue when a worker needs to use both hands, meaning less interruption to the workflows.
  5. Distracting noises in an outside setting, such as wind or traffic, are minimised to maintain clarity, avoiding any distortion or choppiness you might otherwise experience.
  6. Finding the right headset solution for your team’s communication needs can make all the difference in reducing stress and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Try BlueParrott wireless Bluetooth headsets

BlueParrott has been producing industry-leading sound solutions for almost 15 years, offering the highest levels of noise cancellation, comfort and durability. Recent additions to the BlueParrott range include headsets with features to enhance productivity in professional settings outside the office.

If, as a major part of their role, employees are relying on phone communication, with multiple calls, every day on the road or in the office, they need headsets which are comfortable, convenient to use and provide good quality audio.

BlueParrott C400-XT

This headset offers superior sound, with industry-leading noise-cancellation that blocks out 96% of background noise. It has three different wearing styles so users are comfortable, and the 24 hours of talk time and water/dust resistance make it ideal for harsh working environments.

BlueParrott B 550-XTS

This is the world’s first 100% voice-controlled headset – when you need your hands to do your job, use your voice to activate the headset and control your calls, GPS directions, music, voice assistants, and more. Complete hands-free use lets you concentrate on the task at hand.

B550-XT is a fifth generation Bluetooth wireless headset, with a design perfected for all-day wearing. Industry-leading noise cancellation blocks out 96% of background noise– ensuring that you’re heard no matter what type of high-noise environment you’re in. With up to 24 hours talk time, and 400 hours of standby time, it’s designed to last all-day through a standard shift.

These two headsets have the potential to revolutionise communications between team members and with customers, allowing you to focus on other business issues and opportunities.

For workers in loud factories, event managers in busy exhibition spaces, inventory pickers in noisy warehouses, or employees based in other challenging workplaces, BlueParrott wireless Bluetooth headsets perfectly address the challenges experienced in noisy environments.

Give your customers the opportunity to test the BlueParrott noise-cancelling headsets, and they’ll easily see the benefits to their organisation or view the full range here.

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