How can improved workplace wellbeing enhance your bottom line?

It’s all-too-often an “Any other Business” item on the boardroom agenda – and therefore lower down the budget tree – but making positive, proactive changes to employees’ working environments really can have a positive impact on their wellbeing. It also stands to reason that, if you get the balance right, productivity and profits can be a whole lot healthier too.

That’s not to say that companies are simply turning a blind eye to the physical and emotional needs of their people. For many, much time and energy goes into company-wide morale-boosting activities and team-building exercises. And why not? Few would argue the sentiment driving this.

But it does beg the question… are company bosses and key decision makers fully aware of the direct and compelling business benefits of enhancing the working environment for their staff?

This is where you, the re-seller, can make a difference. Your pitch couldn’t be simpler… Introducing ergonomic furniture, temperature control, and even plants may come at a relative cost, but when balanced against the advantages and gains they bring, they’re clearly a sound investment that can bring significant returns. And if your customers do better,      you do better. Win-win.

The human cost of getting it wrong

It’s fair to say that many people might consider mental and physical health as discrete aspects of who we are. Not true.

In reality, emotional and physical wellbeing are intrinsically inter-woven. For most businesses, work is very much a seated exercise. It stands to reason that, if someone is physically uncomfortable at their workstation, this can have a knock-on effect on their state of mind. Increased stress, poor concentration and anxiety can result. The net effect of this is depressed performance, subdued productivity and a slump in profitability.

Given that May is National Mental Health Month, this is a particularly relevant subject and one that employers should take seriously.

The stats prove the point

A study showed that sitting for 6 or more hours during the workday puts people at a higher risk for anxiety and depression(1). And, according to  “Workplace stress is directly responsible for 37% of all work-related ill health cases, 45% of all working days lost due to ill health, 70% of doctor visits and 85% of serious illnesses”(2).

It’s staggering that nearly a third of organisations have reported an increase in stress-related absence over the past year, and two-fifths reported a rise in mental health problems among their people(3).

The financial implications

Workplace stress can lead to greater absenteeism, and businesses pay the price. The average cost of a ‘sick day’ adds up to £522 a day(4). It also nudges up the cost of healthcare insurance as the number of claims shoots up.

Ergotron will stand you in good stead

Companies are busy investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in software solutions and mobile working technologies to make their workers more productive. But the time has come to invest in some hardware – innovative office furniture that’s as smart as the software we all take for granted.

Ergotron’s products are proving that ergonomics can play a significant role in minimising mental and physical stress. You can enhance the mood of people at work by equipping them with a sit-stand desk and other workstation fixtures. It may sound too straightforward to be true, but the simple act of standing up and using your muscles improves circulation, carrying more oxygenated blood to the brain which, in turn, releases mood-enhancing chemicals. Happy days.

A big thumbs-up from employees

100% of workers who have used sit-stand desks reported improved mood states after reducing sitting time(5). This response stands the test of time too. Seven weeks later, and workers were still enjoying enhanced ‘head-space’. Add to that the fact that you burn 30% more calories standing, rather than sitting, and you have a meaningful solution for a society grappling with issues of mental health, weight and obesity, all at once.

The good news for those holding the purse-strings is that swapping to sit-stand desks needn’t be a disruptive, expensive exercise. They can re-use existing desks by adding a Ergotron sit-stand converter to the surface. This clever piece of kit enables monitors, a keyboard and mouse to be effortlessly lifted so it’s comfortable to work, whether standing or sitting.

And, to give employees more freedom to move while still focusing on work, Ergotron’s versatile monitor arms are ideal. The LX Desk Monitor Arm by Ergotron proves the point. With the screen safely fixed to the fully adjustable arm, workers are free to position their screen correctly and achieve a neutral posture and effortlessly collaborate with colleagues at the same time.

Give workstations the personal touch

If employees can elect to either sit, stand, or use one or more monitors, then they can tailor their very own, customised work environment and feel more ‘at home’.

With Ergotron’s highly adjustable and flexible solutions, employees are better able to work together easier and faster, thereby improving their collaboration.

Ergotron stands tall

Ergotron’s range of sit-stand desks and monitor arms are redefining workspaces for the future. The brand is a pioneer in flexible sit-stand working, and their innovative products are having a significant impact on employee health, wellbeing and productivity all over the world. You can find out more about Ergotron here. As a reseller, you can get a pricing advantage with the Deal Registration programme.


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