How mobile working can solve the productivity crisis

The UK’s lack of productivity can be helped with the right mobile working technology

The UK is in the grips of a crisis which threatens its future economic prosperity – the levels in productivity in the country are at alarmingly low rates.

Productivity in the UK lags behind the US, Asia and Europe in terms of how much employees can produce in an hour.

In his Spring statement earlier this year, Chancellor Philip Hammond named tackling the UK’s long-standing productivity challenge as one of his top priorities.

Productivity is vital and with labour productivity growth in the UK still near historic lows, it has led many to consider how technology can assist in solving this issue.

One of the most viable options is to use technology to boost mobile working, meaning employees can get more from their days and the precious hours within them.

This can be achieved by having the right notebook – such as the world’s lightest notebook on the market – the Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK U938, a light yet powerful business companion.

Here’s how such a device can be used to boost mobile working and solve the country’s productivity crisis.

Maximise business trips

Today’s mobile working landscape means giving the employees the option of checking emails in a taxi to the airport, updating documents at the departure gate, before working on the plane and finishing off everything else in the hotel.

Professionals want to be able to work at every stage of that process and want technology that makes it easy to do so.

Notebooks such as the LIFEBOOK U938 are designed to produce higher productivity when working on the move.

Its all-day battery runtime offers users the mobility they need when on the move, with its three-cell battery providing eight and a half hours of life.

The Anytime USB Charge functionality allows users to charge telephones and other media devices, even when the system is turned off. This adds to its many functions and ensures that all devices can be charged. A great edition, especially when dialling into conference calls on the go.

Performance is not sacrificed in this process though, with integrated SSDs to help process data faster.

Finding your peaks and troughs

We all work in different ways, including when we feel most alert and ready to function. For some, our working troughs are before the coffee kicks in, while for other they peak minutes after the alarm has stopped sounding.

Ensuring employees get the most from the day means providing technology that employees are always willing to carry.

Available in red and black, the LIFEBOOK U938 weighs only 920g*. The lightweight design is for business professionals who are always on the move.

However, despite the focus on mobile working, this has been paired with a hardy design – the slim 15.5 mm notebook comes with a robust magnesium housing.

Staying safe on the move

In the age of multiple cyber threats, the importance of security will increase during mobile working, when devices carrying a vast amount of vital data are taken out of the building and potentially into the wrong hands.

The LIFEBOOK U938 has various security measures, including a palm vein security sensor. This provides simple and reliable personal identification via contactless scanners to identify users by their unique palm vein. It works by infrared waveband identifying individual vein pattern when blood is flowing through it. Touch-free and completely hygienic, palm vein security sensor is safer than fingerprint identification.

Users can alternatively specify a fingerprint reader for access control while further security is provided by the integrated SmartCard Reader and inclusion of the TPM 2.0 module for hardware-based authentication.


The final way that mobile working can boost productivity is by ensuring the hyper-connected world we live in can be realised on the move.

Colleagues, clients and contacts expect to be able to reach us and failure to do so may delay the progress of work and reduce productivity. Being lightweight and powerful needs to go hand-in-hand with the right connectivity.

The LIFEBOOK U938 has legacy ports including full-sized HDMI and full-sized LAN connector, USB Type-C and USB 3.0 with power delivery. There is also embedded WLAN, Bluetooth, optional 4G/LTE and DDR4 memory technology up to 20 GB.

Overall, if the UK is to lift its productivity, it will need notebooks that enable professionals to work with confidence anywhere, without weighing them down. This will also need to be achieved with the standard of connectivity and security that users would get on more heavyweight devices.

As such, the Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK U938, which combines Japanese innovation with German engineering, is designed for professionals who want to travel light and work with confidence anywhere.

*Weight starts at 920g

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