How Wi-Fi is redefining the modern workplace

The notion of the modern workplace requires businesses to transform their working spaces into a hub for flexibility, innovation and collaboration.

This notion takes the form of physical transformations such as removing cubicles and going open plan, alongside technological enhancements in terms of the software and devices that employees use.

However, all of these modernisations can only be realised if the internet connectivity which services the workplace does not inhibit these transformations and instead positivity enables them. For this goal, businesses have realised that Wi-Fi is the glue which holds together the wider modern workplace revolution.     

Wired vs Wi-Fi

Businesses have often pondered whether they should persist with their legacy Ethernet wired system or completely switch to Wi-Fi. In the past, Wi-Fi was maligned as a slower and less reliable option compared to wired systems. However, the evolution of Wi-Fi has quelled such concerns, with both speed and dependability now very much part of the Wi-Fi experience.

When it comes to the concept of the modern workplace, Wi-Fi access across a workspace allows for more freedom to work in differing locations with various colleagues as users are not shackled by the constraints of physical wires.

Wi-Fi also offers another boon for new users at point of installation. Implementing a wired network means that cable installation infrastructure is required, which is both costly and time-consuming – two aspects which are not aligned with the ethos of the modern workplace. Wi-Fi provides rapid set-up and ease of installation. Take the Aruba Instant On Wi-Fi offering, which allows users to shed the tiresome book-like user manual and instead focuses on super-fast set-up which has Wi-Fi operational in minutes.

Driving collaboration

True digital transformation is having a fully collaborative workplace that’s integrated with technology that boosts productivity. To enable collaboration, the modern workplace needs to remove as many barriers – both physical and technological – to encourage employees to work together.

A Nielsen study looked at the impact of collaboration in the development stage of innovation and demonstrated that ideas developed by teams of three or more people have 156% greater appeal with customers than those developed by just one or two people.

What office-wide Wi-Fi enables is employees to move freely around the workplace, undisturbed by connectivity issues. They can move to each other’s desks, go to a common area or book a meeting room in the knowledge that a wireless connection will be maintained in the process.

Aruba Instant On has Smart Mesh technology that blankets the entire working space, allowing fleet-footed employees to use their devices across the workplace with no disruptions. This includes inside and outside areas, so colleagues can even meet outside and experience the same connection as within the building. 

Fuelling productivity 

Productivity is the cornerstone of what makes the modern workplace so appealing to implement for businesses. Technology can push the productivity ledger in both directions – when it doesn’t work it inhibits output, but when it assists it can be productivity’s greatest aid.

A reliable Wi-Fi network goes hand-in-hand with a modern workplace geared for productivity. The Wi-Fi network becomes an ‘invisible hand’, guiding the increased output of employees who find themselves seamlessly connected and able to instead focus on gains in their work and creativity. With Wi-Fi connectivity extending to mobile devises, employees are freed from their desk and have the option to work where they want and through whichever device they desire.

BYOD (bring your own device) is also a modern workplace trend which is best enabled by a business having an easy-to-use and flexible Wi-Fi system in place. This in turn boosts productivity as employees are able to complete tasks in ways they have not been able to before.  

Real-time monitoring

For the modern workplace to succeed, it has to be able to take stock of its performance and capabilities through on-going analysis and tracking of its capabilities. It is not enough anymore to undertake lengthy audits of working practices at intermittent times.

This ethos also applies to Wi-Fi and having the ability to track and ensure that connectivity is maintained and at speeds which enables employees to work efficiently.

Aruba Instant On focuses on the notion of performance you can see with the Instant On mobile app allowing businesses to set up, monitor and manage the Wi-Fi network from anywhere, at any time. The mobile app provides complete control from the palm of your hand, and there are no license or subscription fees needed.

Overall, if the modern workplace is about flexibility, innovation and collaboration, these are all aspects that can be better realised with a Wi-Fi connection that enables employees to more freely perform their tasks.

Customer experience

For retailers, network connectivity, security and linking to the Internet are critical operating requirements. The in-store wireless network is vital to staff and shoppers alike – until it stops working. Whether your run a small B&B or the hottest boutique hotel in town, the guest experience drives your need for fast, secure, and customizable wireless access. The Aruba Instant On is perfect for the small boutique, real estate office or a promising dental practice. You get a cost-effective and simple to manage Wi-Fi solution that’s built to support the mobile, IoT and security demands of today’s busy commercial environment.

And when your customers and employees are happy, it lets you focus on what matters most – building the business.

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