Making it work – employees finding their own way

The modern workforce is diverse in its demands and working habits. Here’s how two very different workers got the right technology for them.

The workforce has been transformed. Employees do not work identically anymore – they work on the move, at home, from anywhere, and each does so differently.

Here’s an illusory conversation with two very different workers on how technology enables the structure of their approaches to work to be facilitated.

What is the structure of your usual working day?

Kelly: I’m what you might call a ‘Corridor Warrior’. I’m either at my desk, in a meeting or between those two – where I’ll still be working. My day is about shifting from meeting mode to productivity mode at the drop of a hat.

Tina: I’m a graphic designer. As a creative professional, my “usual working day” (in a creative process there are very few of those!) can switch between a traditional office setting to my own loft where I will be remote working on projects by myself.

How is your desk set-up?

Kelly: I have two screens at my desk, with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The key for me is having a single cable that enables me to dock my device quickly and carry on working. It’s not usual for me to be working multiple apps, browsing, downloading, and blasting through my next presentation, before jumping up and heading off to show it.

Tina: In both the office and at my own loft, I need high-quality display screens so I can see my work unfold. It is vital that when I switch between the office and my loft, that this is done seamlessly so that the flow of my creative process is not broken. I need to load-up ongoing projects and feel like I can pick up where I left off.

What is the most important piece of technology you have?

Kelly: I’d have to say my ultra-light laptop, the Dell Latitude 7380, as it is built for people like me who are rushing around with their device. The last thing I would want is technology that is weighty or cumbersome. It helps me do everything faster, from connecting and collaborating to running between meetings. It is also secure, high-speed and it has a long-lasting battery. When I’m darting between my desk and meeting rooms, and then back again, I need my laptop to have power and to be able to make that transition seamlessly.

Tina: The Dell Canvas 27, which has a 27-inch QHD screen and comes with a pressure-sensing pen. It is as close to sketching on paper as possible. It pairs with any Windows 10 laptop, desktop or all-in-one, so I can illustrate an idea and watch it comes to life on the paired display screen. It really empowers digital creation. As I mentioned before, I need to switch design locations, and I can easily do this.

How has this helped your work and the success of your business?

Kelly: For me, one of the major benefits of having the right technology for my working style is collaboration. The ability to take my technology on the go means I can work on ideas at my desks, easily take these into meetings to collaborate with colleagues, and work in-between, either when I am travelling or in the corridor waiting for a meeting to start. There is no fat on my working day, only increased productivity. It’s not unusual for me to have two meetings, three presentations and a workshop in six different conference rooms. I’m able to move smoothly from desk to meeting room, where I’m always connected to the network to access files, share and collaborate. Plus a single adapter lets me connect to the room’s presentation display or projector in seconds. From the moment I walk in, I’m ready to put on a show.

Tina: The speed of work in graphic designed has reached rapid levels – the always-on, social media era means creative projects come thick and fast. The technology enhances my craft, gives me working flexibility and enables me to collaborate with colleagues on projects. It really has revolutionised how I create.

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