Making Mobile Working easier – the right tools for the job

These days with mobile working becoming the norm, more and more organisations are hiring based upon employees that can work from anywhere in the world. It is no longer where a person works, it is HOW they work.

Productivity is driving and transforming ways of working. The secret to digital transformation success? The right tools for the job. With the right accessories, you can help anyone to unlock new benefits for every type of worker – whether they’re frequent travellers, flexible workers, non-deskbound, or working at home*. 

90% of organisations are digitally transforming to drive employee productivity, talent retention, agile working and collaboration. As companies transform the way they work, the way they buy in the channel is also changing. It’s a great opportunity for you to help your customers reach their targets.

Employee Personas

60% of companies have adopted a hot-desking approach – mainly to cater to the needs of workers going to the office for only a few hours or days a week. Technology is making it easier to transition between working inside and outside the office. Yet, to ensure that the lack of assigned desks does not come at the expense of business continuity and productivity, using the appropriate accessories is crucial.

70% of companies have employees that frequently travel to meet clients – usually executives, sales or senior managers. These workers spend hours on the road, usually in public places and on public transport. When they meet with clients, not only do they represent their organisation, they may also be the first and only impression that potential clients have of that company.

50% of companies allow home working – Home workers usually represent less than 10% of the workforce, but that can go up to 25%. Digital technologies are facilitating mobile work. But working environments and practices need to adapt to ensure that mobility does not come at the expense of productivity and collaboration – which are both key drivers of organisations’ transformation efforts.

Two out of three companies have workers with non-deskbound roles – thanks to mobile and digital technologies, these roles are expanding.

Non-desk bound workers are often found in sectors such as retail, manufacturing and construction. They need solutions offering security, connectivity and portability of the device in their mobile working environments with supporting solutions back in the office, with comfortable options for carrying devices around their unique environments.

Employee Productivity

Employees do not work in the same way anymore – they are working on the move, at home, from anywhere and anytime. Making it easier for employees to work from anywhere has resulted in increased levels of productivity. With mobile devices at everyone’s disposal, there is less of a need to be in the office.

Mobile working is only possible when employees have the right tools for the job, the right equipment, the right bag to carry their equipment, the right environment. Work environments are being adapted to maximize the benefits of mobility, new technologies, and digital capabilities. Only by supporting full workforce mobility can organizations address the demands of productivity, agility, and innovation, empowering staff to work without time, device, or space boundaries.

Increased Collaboration and Communication

Successful businesses are allowing their employees to collaborate effectively with their customers, colleagues and suppliers. Although it seems easier for office workers to work together as a team, it has never been easier for remote workers to communicate and collaborate with their peers.

Historically the further a person is, the harder it is to communicate. Nowadays the right tools are helping employees, their customers and suppliers to stay in contact. Being able to work from anywhere in the world allows employees to work outside of the traditional hours, this is key for brilliant customer service.

Whether your customers are looking to increase productivity, improve collaboration or enhance communication Targus have the right tools for the job, their accessory solutions make it easier to achieve your goals.

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