Mobile working goes premium with Surface

In an era of tight budgets, why would any business splash out on premium devices? For starters, how about better ROI, improved productivity and happier employees? Better still, there’s an option that makes Surface devices surprisingly affordable, putting them within reach for many more businesses.

Buy cheap, buy twice

Businesses know mobility is a deciding factor in future success, and they are coming to realise that solving mobile working issues in the cheapest way possible isn’t the best bet. Unless your workforce has access to technology with next-generation capabilities, they can’t fulfil their potential and neither can the business as a whole. The result? The business doesn’t see the gains promised by mobile working and employees take their talents to a more enlightened competitor.

Ideas are the new oil

In the era of the digital economy, people’s most important contribution to creating corporate value will be their ability to come up with new ideas. And this cuts across all roles within an organisation – sales, finance, marketing, design and admin. Collaboration and co-creation foster this ability, so any tech Investment has to support creative thinking. And that’s why the devices you equip your workforce with really matter.

Surface – a statement of Intent

Hand a Surface device to any worker and you immediately hand them a powerful way to get their job done. Surface devices are business-ready and designed for the modern workplace. Innovative features offer people inspiring new ways to work. The premium feel of each Surface device is unmistakable. There are game-changing accessories. Battery life is up to an impressive 17 hours. And it’s a truly forward-focused piece of tech. So, if you want to show employees that you value them, a Surface device is the way to do It.

Surface and Microsoft 365 – a perfect storm of productivity

“Surface is the best device for Microsoft 365 Enterprise,” Forrester®. And there are some impressive stats to back this up. 112% ROI with Surface and Microsoft 365. Nine hours a week in productivity gains for highly-mobile workers (compared to four hours on non-Surface devices). And 75% of businesses said Surface and Microsoft 365 improved employee retention and satisfaction. You can find links to the full report here.

Let’s look at some of the factors that contribute to these stats. Microsoft 365 is packed with all the intelligent tools people know and love, and Surface brings these to life to provide an effortless digital experience. Together, they unite teams and resources, letting people connect with co-workers, customers and suppliers, wherever they are. They also integrate easily with other commonly-used apps and solutions. At the same time Surface and Microsoft 365 protect the business against cyber threats and accidental data leaks, offering advanced security and device management capabilities.

Free to succeed

Work isn’t something that happens between fixed hours and at fixed desks anymore. This is particularly true in creative agencies. It’s an environment that demands people in any role are able to work anywhere. And that’s where four flexible Surface devices come into their own.

Art directors and copywriters might be brainstorming at the local artisan coffee house, presenting at a client’s premises, or fact-finding in the field. For these creative types, the Surface Book 2 gives them the power to work wherever inspiration strikes. It’s built for professional-grade software with high-speed processors, superior graphics and fast storage. There are choices when it comes to size and specs. Opt for a 15″ or 13.5″ model, i5 or i7 Dual- or Quad-Core processors™, up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1TB SSD. As a slick 2-in-1, the Surface Book 2 converts to a tablet in seconds, making it a versatile tool.

Surface Pro and Surface Go

For the client services team who split their time between the office, various meetings, hotel rooms and home working, the Surface Pro offers consistent connectivity with 4G LTE. Delivering tablet-to-laptop convenience, this device runs full desktop apps smoothly with a 7th Generation Intel© Core™. The responsive touchscreen lets users work swiftly. Or attach the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, with its luxurious Alcantara® fabric, and enjoy a full qwerty keyboard. Offering all the perks of Surface for more junior workers, there’s the Surface Go. Ideal for account executives, hopping between creative meetings, conference calls and costings documents, the Surface Go offers 10” of pure productivity. It’s the most light and compact model to date, converting in a flash with the addition of a Type Cover. However, not all mobile workers want or need a 2-in-1, so the super-slim 13.5” Surface Laptop is the ideal device. It has all the elegance of the Surface range, including a choice of four colours and the same soft-touch fabric as the Pro.

The pen is mightier than the sword

Setting the Surface apart from the average laptop is the Surface pen. This is a truly mighty accessory, especially for creative professionals. Ideas can be sketched onto the Surface rather than paper. They can be shared instantly via email or presented via Skype for business. This is a real time saver. And when it comes to turning that idea into a fully-finished visual, the pen is a precision tool. Naturally, there is the option of a mouse too, beautifully styled to match the Surface.

Dock it and do even more

At some point, most mobile workers find themselves back in the office, ready for some serious, sit-down worktime. And to get connected fast, all they need is the Belkin desktop dock[SC1] . Plug in the Surface with a single cable and you can connect to a maximum of eight devices at once – external display, keyboard, external hard drive, mobile and more. With Power Priority built in, this dock can support a 4K display without the need for additional power. It’s a neat device with a small footprint and solid reliability. When using a premium device like Surface, it makes sense to choose quality accessories, especially when it comes to cables and connectors. Buying cheap (and sometimes dodgy) cables is a corner not worth cutting. Belkin offers VGA, DVI and HDMI adaptors, providing the high-quality viewing experience you expect from Surface.

Carry it well

No matter which Surface you’re carrying, you want to do it safely and comfortably, whether you’re heading across the road, the city or the world. Not going far? Keep your Surface pristine with a slimline neoprene sleeve from Belkin[SC2] . With sizes between 13”-15”, there are options for all Surface models. Going further afield or need a dedicated bag to protect your Surface? There is the Belkin Messenger Bag [SC3] or the Active Pro Backpack Bag[SC4] . Both offer a water-resistant coating, comfortable straps and padded compartments for secure, easy organisation.

Surface as a Service – the business end of the deal

This is an affordable way for businesses to take advantage of Surface devices without the upfront outlay. Leasing (rather than buying) enables businesses to spread the cost over 2-3 years. With Ingram Micro, you can offer the hardware, software, accessories, warranty and all of our services to create a complete solution, plus recycling of devices at the end of the term.

There are also two ways for our channel partners to get better acquainted with Surface devices, so ask us about Try Buy and Try Sell.F

*Source: Results are for a composite organization based on interviewed customers. Maximizing Your ROI From Microsoft 365 Enterprise With Microsoft Surface, a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting, May 2018.

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