Put lifesaving technology in the hands of emergency services

Emergency responders do a tough job in challenging conditions. It might be a 999 call to a factory fire, a motorway crash site on a rainy night or a crime scene. Dealing with any incident effectively depends on the ability to communicate and share data reliably. And that means devices, and the solution that powers them, have to be reliable in life and death situations.

Rugged enough for the toughest challenges

An emergency incident is no place for consumer-grade devices. Emergency responders need a device that’s built to perform under pressure – one that can take drops, vibration, heat and freezing temperatures. Touchscreens need to be visible in bright sunshine and work equally well in rain, even with gloves on. Processing power has to be up to the mark, with a form factor that’s lightweight and easy to hold. Devices need to be vehicle-ready and have battery options that provide uninterrupted power.

Faster communication and connectivity

Rapid, reliable communications ensure the best outcomes during any incident. This means next-generation connectivity solutions have to be integral to devices, providing faster, wider bandwidth coverage on critical networks. This is vital because responding effectively relies on getting data into the system as fast as possible, where it can be shared and acted upon. Similarly, field personnel need access to information that can help them on the ground, such as building schematics, background checks or live camera views. Connectivity must be vehicle-friendly too, for example, working with high-gain GPS, WWAN and WLAN roof mounted antennas. These fast, reliable connections improve decision-making and safety day after day. 

Uncompromising on data protection and cyber security

Obviously, in the course of any incident, there is a stream of sensitive data back and forth between field personnel and central command. For example, patient records or evidence gathered at a crime scene. This means data protection and cyber security are vital, and this needs to go above and beyond that offered by consumer-grade equipment. To be suitable, devices have to offer a solid suite of security features, plus multiple authentication methods, such as fingerprint readers, RFID readers and facial recognition. What’s more, if devices are lost or stolen, it has to be simple to remotely wipe any data and disable the device. This ensures sensitive data is protected and keeps organisations compliant with the GDPR.

A comprehensive solution for all emergency services contracts

Getac’s rugged technology has played a part in saving lives for decades. Trusted by ambulance, police and fire services, Getac offers a comprehensive solution, created especially for the emergency services, with a fully integrated eco system of hardware, software and security services. At the sharp end, Getac’s range of rugged tablet PCs and handheld devices provide the critical link between central command, supervisors and personnel in the field, integrating seamlessly with key software platforms, such as mobilisation and Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR). Getac’s bumper-to-bumper warranty provides a door-to-door chain of custody, supported by a sector-leading pack-and-collect logistics service, and rapid repair and return by Getac’s in-house experts. If devices can’t be fixed, they’ll be replaced. Plus, accidental damage is now included in 3 or 5 year warranty packages, so there are no surprise costs along the way. It all adds up to a comprehensive solution that provides a class-leading experience for all emergency services.

A green light for ‘blue light’ opportunities

Getac is keen to support resellers and can give you access to Business Development Managers who are industry experts. They will work closely with you to offer a personalised, collaborative and in-depth sales approach, helping you explore opportunities within the emergency services sector. To get started, sign up at the Getac Partner Portal. Or contact Business Develop Manager ian.jenner@getac.com

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