Smart inking – the benefits of cartridge-free printing

How cartridge-free printing is profoundly disrupting the print landscape and providing resellers with a fresh margin opportunity.
The technology market is defined by the ability of the various players to disrupt the consensus and deliver true innovation.

Such disruption is delivered when users get access to products with better functionality, increased convenience and potential cost savings.

When it comes to the print landscape, there are two major pressure points which plague many users. Firstly, the so-called ‘printer panic’ is a very real phenomenon.

For 87% of users surveyed for Epson, they have been in a position of not been able to print due to an ink cartridge running out. Furthermore, 56% of this has led to a ‘printer panic’ moment, placing people in an awkward situation by not being able to print sometimes vital and time-sensitive documents.

Examples of ‘printer panic’ moments which may seem familiar include not being able to print airline boarding passes for a business trip, having to give a presentation with no notes after failing to print a slide deck, or losing sales after failing to present contracts or important information.

The second major pressure point is the cost of replacement ink for printers. There are instances of fresh ink cartridges costing more than new printers. It is a sizable investment that forces more restrictive print practices for users.

Solving these two gripes, and much more in the process, the Epson EcoTank printers have turned the current printer market on its head.

Delivering hassle-free printing at an ultra-low cost, there has already been 25 million EcoTank printers sold worldwide.

So, what is all the fuss about?

Cost, convenience, confidence

Three major aspects tie together the appeal of the Epson EcoTank printers. Firstly, it is around cost. EcoTank printers offer an ultra-low-cost per page that could reduce printing costs by 74% on average. Printers also arrive with up to three years’ worth of ink included in the box – equivalent to 94 cartridges. When users run out of the supplied ink, refill bottles can be bought for cheaper than traditional ink cartridges, with more ink being supplied than from a cartridge too.

Secondly, there is more convenience as users can print up to 14,000 pages in black and 11,200 in colour. Those ‘printer panic’ moments will be few and far between. Simply fill the ink tanks, set up the printer and print. The convenient high-volume bottles are then used for refilling.

As for confidence, users get an Epson warranty, consistent print quality and overall hardware reliability.

The Epson EcoTank range encompasses printers ideal for busy households, perfect for photo enthusiasts, or home offices and businesses.

How does it work?

Using integrated high-capacity ink tanks, ink is supplied continuously to the printer. There are no cartridges to replace, users simply top up the tanks with Epson ink bottles and keep on printing. Not only is it more convenient, but when users buy ink in bulk, it is much better value too.

The refill process has also been made easier and it is a mess-free zone on account of a front-facing tank and filling system which minimises spills with enhanced bottles that are easier to open, have an airflow system for squeeze-free filling and a key-lock that ensures each tank is filled with the right colour. It is also easier to monitor ink levels via the front-facing tank.

Reseller opportunity

The channel is primed to take advantage of this opportunity. Businesses will be looking for an opportunity to solve headaches around the cost of printer cartridges and running out of ink at vital times.

The Epson EcoTank is the quintessential channel ‘conversation starter’, whether that is for existing customers or potential new ones. As it is innovative and genuinely problem-solving, it is an icebreaker into a new sales discussion.

“Epson’s EcoTank offers resellers an instant profit solution for print,” says Annika Fagerstrom, head of consumer sales, Epson UK.

“Which would you choose: the traditional way of selling the printer at a low price and then waiting for the uncertainty of any subsequent ink sales, or the upfront guaranteed margin of selling an EcoTank?

“The opportunity to make a higher percentage margin is the reason why EcoTank has been so successful amongst our channel partners. Change your business today and start selling printing and not just a printer,” added Fagerstrom.

Overall, the Epson EcoTank Series is the ideal offering. Disruptive technology, which solves genuine end-users’ problems, available for the channel to provide with a healthy margin clip.

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