Stand up for better well-being at work

Are you sitting comfortably? Even if you are, you’re probably doing too much of it. Sitting is fundamentally bad for us. In fact, the average person spends 12 hours a day sitting, much of it at work. Physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality, with 3.2 million related deaths a year.

But we don’t have to spend our working lives chair-bound, and amazing things happen when we break free. So, let’s look at why it’s high time to take a stand against sedentary workstyles and bring more mobile working ideas to office environments.

The office chair – know your enemy
For many office workers, sitting in front of a screen and typing on a keyboard is how work gets done. Companies are spending money to ensure their employees are sitting properly. Fully adjustable chairs, lumbar supports, foot rests… But to truly look after their seated workforce, companies need to make it easier to work standing up. Human beings are designed to move. Our bodies function better when we do.
There are significant health implications of prolonged sitting that don’t fade when you leave work at 5.30pm.

Sitting disease – the scourge of the static workplace
A recent survey of 1001 British office workers found that 87% spend at least six hours of uninterrupted sitting time a day, only getting up for a drink or to visit the toilet.
While 84% believe there is a connection between too much sitting an early mortality, less than a quarter considered themselves at risk despite spending 75% of their day sitting down. And 58% said they hadn’t heard of sitting disease, despite being at risk from it.

So, what is it?
Sitting disease is a term coined by scientists to describe a host of health factors which have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature death due to the harmful metabolic consequences of physical inactivity. Less serious effects are musculoskeletal disorders and chronic lower back pain.

The business issue
8.9 million working days were lost in the UK due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2016/17*. Over half of the UK Index participants reported taking breaks up to five times a day for relief from symptoms of restlessness, fatigue, pain, and brain fog associated with sitting while working. Every company feels the cost of this.

Why are we sitting tight then?

So, if 84% of office workers are aware of the dangers of sitting, why are 87% of them still spending six hours of their day doing it? Two key factors are likely to be a lack of enablement in the workplace and the cultural norms. Both point to the fact that employers have to become champions for their employees’ health and bring the energy for positive changes.
Failing to do so simply doesn’t make business sense. Over the longer term it can impact on absenteeism, increased healthcare costs and even diminish employee satisfaction. But it’s well worth noting that sit-stand work stations, and enabling people to move throughout the working day, needn’t take individuals away from their tasks.

The positives…
In fact, there are plenty of positives for the companies who get their workforce on its feet and moving more freely. The better an employee’s overall wellbeing, the greater the positive effect on productivity.
Similarly, evidence suggests that when an employee is less sedentary, it lowers anxiety and stress levels. The knock-on effect is a better adjusted workforce; better equipped to deliver against their goals and less weighed down by day-to-day stress.
In turn, it makes sense that this should improve staff retention. And it goes without saying that this kind of continuity can only enhance long-term business performance.

How Ergotron WorkFit rises to the challenge
This is precisely what drives Ergotron technologies. They have led the way for 30 years are deeply committed to providing the widest possible range of sit-stand workstation solutions. They understand the need to transform the workplace and, in particular, the furniture.

Ergotron believes that each employee (or, indeed, anyone who needs to use a workstation) is unique. Likewise, each workspace is different too. That’s why they’ve made certain that their range of sit-stand workstations can be seamlessly adapted to any scenario.

So, if your customers need to upgrade an existing space or create an entirely new one, Ergotron has an answer. They offer a versatile range of innovative and cost-effective sit-stand workstations that can be quickly and easily installed with minimal fuss and disruption. Additional monitors can be added for productivity. Also, agile monitor arms can ensure collaborators have a good view of information.

Personalised and versatile

With Ergotron’s wide product range, employees can bring their IT devices to the point of use, covering all possible working environments. And the integrated Constant Force technology means that products can be effortlessly adjusted to meet the ideal positioning of almost any IT device. This is true ergonomics in action. It’s people-minded and health-focused… a win-win all round.

Ergotron’s WorkFit-T, WorkFit-TL, WorkFit SR offer a revolutionary way of working in a variety of workplaces. The direct benefits are a healthier ergonomic posture, improved employee wellbeing, increased productivity, enhanced creativity (due to the opportunity to personalize working environments) and improved collaboration. The business also benefits from long product lifespans and industry-leading warranties.

So, in conclusion, when you consider the millions of people performing tasks or engaged in long meetings, it’s surely high time employers take a stand for health and wellbeing at work. Ergotron WorkFit™ makes it simple.

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