Surface, Microsoft 365 and cloud – connection is everything

Strong individually. Unbeatable together. That’s how we’d summarise Surface and Microsoft 365. Perhaps you sell one but not the other? If that’s the case, take a look at the advantages you and your customers gain with hardware and software built to be together.

Make a deeper statement

Since hitting the market, Surface has redefined what people expect from their IT hardware and their working day. It’s bang-on trend with how today’s workplaces are changing. Millennials and Gen Z see work as an experience (something they do), not a place they go to. They are inspired by being able to connect and collaborate easily. They’ve grown up with tech at their fingertips, and they won’t accept dull, out-of-date devices at work.

Today’s most engaged workers expect to be able to choose where they work, both in the office and away from it, based on the task at hand. And businesses need to keep these motivated workers happy, as engaged business units yield 21% greater productivity (1).

A positive feeling

Culture is seen as the new currency in the workplace. A positive culture makes one employer more attractive than the next. It makes one business more successful than the next. But culture isn’t created by mission statements and perks. It’s fed by meaningful, tangible things, and today those are digital.

Hardware and software, and how effectively they mesh, decides how progressive and positive the digital working environment feels, and in turn, this feeds into the morale and the culture of a business. Give people the latest tech and they feel valued and equipped to succeed. By contrast, clunky laptops, yesteryear’s apps and struggles to access crucial files act as a drag on an organisation. Individuals can’t do their best work. People grumble. Talent leaves the building. And the entire business suffers from underperformance.

On the Surface

The business tools you give to employees signal the company’s ambitions and belief in its people. Give a workforce devices from the Surface range and you send a clear message that creativity, innovation and individuality matter. Every Surface device has an active touchscreen for fast interaction. Add a dedicated Surface Pen and you can work straight onto the screen for speedy editing, drawing and mark up.

From the firstline…

There is a Surface device for every role, with accessories that let people work at their best. As its name suggests, the Surface Go is ideal for first-line workers, such as roaming customer service staff in retail and hospitality. It delivers laptop performance with tablet portability. The Surface Pro offers speed and versatility for mobile employees, such as field sales and account managers.

Use it as a tablet or snap on a type cover for high-productivity sessions. The Surface Laptop 2 is sleek, light and built for long working days with up to 14.5 hours of battery life. Touches like signature colours and Alcantara® covered keyboard make this device stand out from the crowd.

to the final word

Setting the standard for 2-in-1s, Surface Book 2 is a laptop, a tablet and a portable studio all in one. Powerful graphics capabilities are packed into a premium-feel, slimline profile, ready for go-anywhere ideation. Opening up new possibilities, the Surface Studio is designed for limitless creativity. Blazing graphics, vast 28-inch touchscreen and impressive processing power enable ideas to come to life at light speed. Combined with the Pen and Surface Dial, on-screen interaction is taken to a whole new level.

It’s the device of choice for digital animators, designers, artists, architects, engineers and researchers whose talents deserve the best. And right now, the UK’s creative industries are booming, contributing over £101bn to the UK economy and giving you a lucrative opportunity to explore with Surface (2).

They go together like…

For most businesses, Microsoft is the lifeblood of how work happens. Its OS and apps are pretty much ubiquitous. Bring Surface, designed by Microsoft, to the party and suddenly businesses get the very best Microsoft experience. The Surface range exploits the full power of Windows 10 and Office 365, bringing together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining class-leading apps with powerful cloud services, Office 365 lets employees create and collaborate anywhere. At the same time, cloud-based subscription means recurring revenue for reseller partners.

Microsoft Teams – cloud-based collaboration

Microsoft Teams, free with Office 365, is a hub for teamwork that provides a single, secure location with everything that teams need to succeed – chats, meetings, calls, files and tools. Surface devices are set up for Teams, with a camera for video conferences or one-to-ones. Plus, the touchscreen enables greater levels of interactivity in working sessions. Together, these technologies deliver the human connection and effortless collaboration that today’s workers expect and enjoy. And Teams is a popular app. 41% of IT professionals expect their employer to start using this collaboration tool by the end of 2020, up from 21% today(3). This certainly points to sales potential and savvy service providers are already building solutions based on Teams.

OneNote – a digital notebook you can’t leave behind

The clever convenience of Surface devices really comes to life when using OneNote. This digital notebook lets you capture, store and share all kinds of information, keeping it safe and secure in the cloud. Use the Pen to sketch and handwrite notes, and combine this with typed text, images, audio and video files. Scroll through content and tabs easily with the touchscreen. And share notes with colleagues in moments – a big advantage over paper.

Microsoft 365 – making light work for in-house IT

Microsoft 365 Enterprise gives businesses the foundation and familiarity of Windows 10 and all the productivity apps of O365, plus the protection of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security. As you’d expect, cloud is leveraged to minimise the infrastructure, time and effort required to manage and deploy Surface devices. Technologies such as Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) and Microsoft Intune come together to create a comprehensive solution. This is good news for in-house IT teams and managed service providers.

Boost your revenue with Surface and Microsoft 365

With support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 ending next year, this is a prime time to start conversations with customers who are using older tech. There are revenue opportunities in helping them migrate to Windows 10, plus it’s a good point at which to upgrade to Surface devices so they benefit from a full return on their Microsoft investment.

Whatever your ambitions for revenue and growth in 2019, Microsoft 365 is poised to help you achieve them. According to two Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Studies, Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business increase average partner margins by an estimated 35% and 20%, respectively, over three years (4). For real-life examples, watch this video on this page from 9 minutes in.

Or better still, get in touch with our Surface and Cloud team at Ingram Micro who can help you increase your profitability, expand your services and drive customer retention with Surface and M365.

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(1) Gallup: State of the American Workplace, 2017




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