Turn SAP Logistics into hardware and software sales

Thousands of companies use SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning software within their supply chain, but many are still relying on paper-based processes or working with outdated mobile technology, and know they need to move on. Some SAP customers are already budgeting for change due to certain modules and architecture reaching end of life. For resellers, this means opportunities in warehouse operations, manufacturing plants and distribution centres across the UK and further afield. Also, as businesses buy into these mobile applications, it follows that they’ll make an investment in devices too. Even better, you don’t need in-depth SAP knowledge to capitalise on this opportunity. With Ingram Micro, you have access to experts who can help you offer a sophisticated SAP supply chain solution.

Three questions to spot a sales opportunity

Your current customers could be a rich seam of potential, and you can suss this out by asking them three simple questions:

  1. Are you using SAP – is it ECC or S/4HANA?
  2. Do you have paper processes within your warehouse, manufacturing plant or distribution centre?
    If not –
  3. Do you have issues with your existing mobility solution?

If your customers answer ‘yes’ to question 1 and ‘yes’ to either question 2 or 3, then there could be an opportunity to introduce Movilizer for SAP Logistics…and sell more hardware. How involved you want to be is up to you. With Ingram Micro and The Config Team on your side, all you need to do is start the conversation with your customer, then we can take over if you wish.

Say ‘goodbye’ paper-based processes

Any business in warehousing or distribution knows that customers are more demanding than ever before. They expect real-time interactions and accurate information, and to deliver this there has to be fast-paced, connected process management. Paper-based, manual processes make this impossible. In order to make efficiency savings, keep customers happy and stay competitive, business have an imperative to digitise. And that doesn’t mean limping along with yesteryear’s mobile tech.  

Be empowered by Movilizer for SAP Logistics

Movilizer for SAP Logistics gives businesses real-time, two-way connection to SAP with a suite of software applications that cover over 150 business processes. Paper is replaced with a mobile device to digitally capture data, enabling rapid barcode scanning and fast data entry to streamline the movement of goods through the supply chain. It’s a fully integrated, end-to-end warehouse logistics solution, including 3PLs. It’s quick to implement and easy to use. Movilizer works on most mobile devices. GPS lets companies track stock right up to delivery. It enables users to view videos and files for on-the-job support as well as take and save photos to record discrepancies or damage. And Sign On Glass enables instant electronic proof of delivery.

Boost productivity and profitability

Information is power. Accurate data capture through Movilizer improves stock accuracy and inventory control. Real-time insights mean no delays in answering customer queries. And when users know where inventory is located, they can pick, pack and ship faster.

Mobility can increase productivity by reducing the time users need to carry out daily business processes. More work in less time fuels business growth and profitability. With the right data solutions and supply chain operations, the entire workforce can work faster and smarter to increase profits. Significant costs savings can be made from the removal of paper-based processes and disparate IT systems are no longer required as all processes can be managed within SAP. This makes Movilizer for SAP Logistics transformational.

Know which side your bread’s buttered on

Roberts Bakery has seen amazing results since implementing the Movilizer SAP Proof of Delivery solution. Before the change, there were three pieces of paper per delivery – a major burden with 51 routes per day and 35 drops per route. Since introducing Movilizer, Roberts Bakery has removed about 2 million pieces of paper from its operation and saved about 180 admin hours a week. Their customers love the ability to make order changes with the driver in a few taps of the app, rather than calling the bakery. Real-time insight has improved the availability of loaves on shelves, driving up sales. The company simply couldn’t have seen or acted on the opportunity to make more sales if they were still relying on slow, paper-based processes. But the Movilizer advantages didn’t stop there. To see the whole story, watch the video.

Introducing The Config Team

The Config Team are SAP Logistics specialists and experts in enterprise mobility. They design and implement intelligent supply chain solutions that increase efficiency and improve customer service. As an Ingram Micro partner, they are perfectly placed to help resellers capture more sales opportunities – in hardware and software. The Config Team offers Movilizer for SAP Logistics suite of mobile applications – software that specifically answers key challenges around SAP, mobility and digitisation. From your perspective, working with The Config Team lets you differentiate your business and gives you the capacity to act as a trusted advisor to your customers.

The Config Team and Ingram Micro are ready to support you with Movilizer for SAP Logistics opportunities. To find out more, get in touch with Paul Griffiths – Mobile +44 (0)7788345745 | General +44 (0) 1908 807699 | paul.griffiths@ingrammicro.com.

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