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Smile! There are between 4 and 5.9 million surveillance cameras1 already watching you in the UK. And the upsurge in digital security solutions shows no signs of slowing down.

If fact, the global IP Camera market accounted for $11,012.24 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $86,821.40 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 25.8% during the forecast period2.

Demand is set to continue

There are a number of factors driving sales. We live in uncertain times and there’s raised awareness of the need to protect people, business and infrastructure with visual security solutions. On a technology level, IP cameras offer many advantages over traditional analogue cameras. Intelligent capture means footage becomes data, able to be mined by video analytics software. Remote access is simple. Images are now HD-sharp and much better at providing court material. Beyond that, video surveillance can also contribute to operational intelligence. And better affordability puts solutions within the budget of a smaller business, bringing more customers into the market.

Mix and match tech will become a thing of the past

Around 75% of organisations have a mix of analogue and IP cameras, and therefore need to support both types of technology. And 70% have equipment from more than one manufacturer, which can also increase the cost and complexity of support. However, a trend report from IFSEC Global5 in 2018 suggests that it is IP systems that offer longevity and easy scalability, with over 30% of procurement professionals likely to replace their whole video surveillance system versus replacing elements of it, such as cameras or storage. In the same report, findings suggest that around three in four (74%) end users upgrade their systems at least every five years, with around half (47%) doing so every two years.

For resellers, all this adds to a lucrative opportunity. But surveillance and security are sensitive areas. It’s about more than providing the right hardware. It’s about working with a partner who understands the bigger picture around ethics, regulations, innovation and sustainability.

Axis leads with smart solutions and smarter thinking

Leading the field in network video is Axis Communications. The company’s products are installed in public places, retail chains, airports, trains, motorways, universities, prisons, casinos and banks across over 179 countries. They have been pioneers in video surveillance since inventing the first network video camera back in 1996 and innovation is in their DNA.

To see just how clever Axis technology is, take a look at this video.

The Axis mission – enabling a smarter, safer world

No one knows better than Axis that the safety and security of data is a priority for customers. After all, IP camera hacks have made headline news. In 2016, the Mirai botnet3 commandeered more than 300,000 IoT devices, including IP surveillance cameras and digital video cameras that were connected to the internet. Then there was the story involving camera feeds from hundreds of public spaces, businesses and private homes being streamed on a Russian website4. It was easy for hackers to gain access as cameras had default passwords, weak passwords or no security at all – a classic case of users being the weakest link in the security chain.

The human element

This demonstrates why a video network provider has to do more than create security-focused products. The human aspect is crucial in effective cyber security. For customers, Axis is their ‘partner in protection’. Naturally, Axis products are designed with cyber security built in, and the software that runs and connects the security products is robust against hacking. But Axis puts a lot of emphasis on learning and collaboration with partners and customers to ensure everyone knows how to follow best practise. On the Axis site, you’ll find webinars, online courses, videos, educational apps and more. Plus, there’s a free flow of communication between Axis and its customers – an important part of the Axis philosophy.

You can hear more about Axis Cybersecurity in this video

Safe under Big Brother’s gaze?

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure as they move through daily life, and surveillance systems play a big part in this. But where images captured by security cameras enable individuals to be identified, this, in turn, constitutes personal data.

And that means organisations must comply with the GDPR in how that data is handled. Since it’s not always possible to gain people’s consent to being filmed, two ways to stay on the right side of regulations are surveillance limitation and privacy masking.

Axis has long recognised the issues around privacy and has used innovation to tackle it. Its network video technology enables the use of anonymization and limitation functionalities to provide additional privacy protection. Axis offers 3D privacy masking in most Axis PTZ dome cameras. This enables selected areas of a scene to be blocked or masked from viewing and recording, and the masking is maintained even as the camera’s field of view changes. A good example of where privacy masking should be used is traffic flow monitoring, where the aim is to identify irregular movements, not individual vehicles or drivers.  

Axis also offers guidance to help partners and customers install and use its network cameras appropriately, and gives best-practice advice on protecting and storing video material. This reduces organisations’ risk of non-compliance and enables them to respect people’s privacy without compromising? So, Big Brother might be watching, but will be doing so with an ethical eye.

In good faith

And ethics matter to Axis. As a business, they believe that trust is essential. They have grown through long-term relationships with customers and partners, built on open, transparent and ethical business practises. If a supplier can’t live up to Axis’ values and expectations, they simply won’t work with them.

‘Technology with responsibility’ is a mantra applied to all aspects of the business, and sustainability is a big drive for Axis. In product design, they seek to use to use environmentally friendly, easily recyclable materials wherever possible, and polyvinyl chloride plastics (PVC) are being phased out of Axis products. They’ve also introduced several innovative, energy-efficient technologies, including their award-winning Lightfinder technology.

All of this makes Axis a safe trustworthy choice for partners and customers alike.

Solutions great and small

Axis provides a complete range of end-to-end solutions, whether you need a smart system for basic surveillance or a more advanced system for security on a larger scale. Systems are simple to install, and everything is designed with open IP standards that connect easily to existing IT infrastructure. Axis solutions also adapt as needs change, giving customers flexibility and futureproofing.

Created for small business, the AXIS Companion Line is a full video surveillance solution, complete with surveillance cameras, video recording solutions and free video management software – which includes a mobile app. It’s ideal for a café, a shop, hotel or office. The other option for SMBs is Security as a Service – hosted in the cloud by one of Axis’ partners.

Mid-size systems create a security solution designed for the active operator, and are perfect for schools, retail, manufacturing sites and other mid-size installations. There’s also the option of out-of-the-box convenience or customers can build their own system. Explore mid-size systems here[ .

Large-scale systems take security to the next level for airports, public transportation, city surveillance or any other complex installation. The Axis advanced security and surveillance solution can be combined with hardware and software from a wide range of partners to create a customized or specialized solution. Learn more about large-scale systems here.

Axis has an innovative channel partner program to help you accelerate sales. Take a look: https://www.axis.com/en-gb/partners/channel-partner-program


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