Veracity extends channel reach with new Ingram Micro distribution partnership

Veracity’s industry-leading IP transmission and display products to be distributed across the UK by Ingram Micro, the world’s largest IT distributor

March 2019 Prestwick, UK: Veracity, a leading provider of innovative, intelligent solutions that solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display, has signed a UK distribution agreement with Ingram Micro to extend the reach of its industry leading products to a wider partner community.

Veracity’s unique portfolio of IP transmission solutions and installation tools are also highly applicable and useful in markets such as video surveillance, VOIP, IT, transport, process control, data-logging, POE LED Lighting systems, building management, ticketing, safety monitoring and many other areas. Veracity products are respected worldwide with a strong reputation for high quality, innovative design, reliability and very long lifetimes.

Veracity offers a full range of IP transmission network extender products and long-range wired Ethernet transceivers, all with POE, delivering the power and bandwidth your IP device needs over exceptional distances. OUTREACH™ enables network installers to easily overcome the normal 100 metre (328 feet) distance limitations of Ethernet. This means that IP devices can be located exactly where they are needed. By simply connecting OUTREACH Max in-line with the network cable you can instantly double, or treble, your network cable distance with POE. The new OUTREACH G product range is of interest to installers looking for gigabit connectivity extension to POE-powered IP devices. For more extreme distances, installers can use LONGSPAN™, to deliver unrestricted 100BaseTX at distances up to 820 metres over Cat5.

Veracity pioneered the development of Ethernet over Coax with its HIGHWIRE™ brand, enabling installers to make full use of legacy coaxial cable networks while installing the latest in IP camera and devices technology. This eliminates the normal rip-and-repair work associated with upgrades from analogue to IP with a simple, automatic connection of the product at each end of the coax cable. Now available in single, 4- and 8-channel base units and with single, dual and quad port device-end options, the HIGHWIRE Powerstar™ family of products delivers total flexibility for POE Over Coax™ requirements.

“Our new distribution agreement with Ingram Micro provides Veracity with unparalleled reach into the broadest channel community across the UK and provides partners with access to enhanced resources to deliver solutions to a wider range of markets,” says Jim Foley, Chief Revenue Officer, Veracity UK Limited.

“Our new partnership with Veracity brings us some incredibly useful new solutions, enabling our customers to save time and money on installations, not just for security and surveillance but also for any networked IP devices”, says Raj Pandya, Ingram Micro’s Director for Speciality Solutions in the UK.

In addition to HIGHWIRE, LONGSPAN and OUTREACH, Veracity also offers a growing portfolio of transmission devices, including POINTSOURCE™, PINPOINT™, CAMSWITCH™ and TIMENET Pro™, also available through Ingram Micro. For more information on the Veracity solutions go to and search for Veracity under Vendors.

About Ingram Micro:

Ingram Micro helps businesses Realize the Promise of Technology™. It delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Deep expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain solutions enables its business partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Unrivaled agility, deep market insights and the trust and dependability that come from decades of proven relationships, set Ingram Micro apart and ahead. More at

About Veracity UK Limited:

Veracity delivers innovative, intelligent solutions that solve real-world IP video challenges in transmission, storage and display. With a global sales network and partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, we are the acknowledged market leader in our chosen specialist field. We work in co-operation with a large and expanding range of industry partners as our products directly increase sales of IP cameras, digital video recorders, video management systems and many other IP products.

Veracity solutions are grouped into three key areas: Transmission, Storage and Display. These were selected as being areas which required product solutions to solve key issues which would otherwise restrict the growth of the IP video surveillance market.

Veracity is constantly innovating and will continue to roll out useful products that enable the use of IP technology and devices.

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