What is the right surface device for you and your customers?

We know that productivity, connectivity, security and collaboration are all sort after features for every worker, Surface have defiantly focused on these when creating their family of products. Making sure that your customers are prepared for delivering the best outcomes whatever their job role.

Nowadays one device doesn’t fit all, this article helps guide you through which devices are perfect for which workers.

Insurance Adjuster

An Insurance Adjuster using their Surface device to assess a car.
Insurance Adjuster – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

An Insurance Adjuster needs a device that can:

  • Document property damage correctly
  • Work even without reliable Wi-Fi
  • Contact colleagues on the go
  • Give clients the best experience possible, and the right results every time

Recommended product:

The Surface Pro 6 on a desk.
Insurance Adjuster Recommended product The Surface Pro 6 – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

For example, Alex, the Insurance Adjuster, has been tasked with organising the insurance for a road traffic collision. What tools does he take to the job? Paperwork and a pen?

Alex needs to be able to take “client” signatures on the spot, with the Surface Pen and electronic signature integration it is possible to do it there and then. This is a helpful feature that allows faster and much sleeker transactions between Alex and the client.

Another key feature is the ability to take photographs of the object that is being claimed. Having high-quality photographs is important to make sure that the insurance is given correctly. This also allows Alex to come back to these images and review them after the first time seeing the damage. What is really impressive, the Surface Pro 6, has the capability to take a photo of the object and then using the integrated Surface Pen and OneNote allows you to add comments.

It is important for Alex to go where their clients are, to work with them face to face. Whether that’s visiting their workplace or meeting them for coffee. The Surface Pro 6 allows flexibility and 4G connectivity both help with this.

Lastly using the OneDrive remote storage lets Alex share documents and photos, quickly and easily. Keeping even the most important files safe and secure.


A Director facing the camera, smiling with her arms folded.
Director – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

A Director needs a device that can:

  • Make sure clients and the business all prosper
  • Allocate tasks and responsibilities
  • Use every opportunity, no matter how small, to get things done
  • Be seen as “living the brand”
  • Look smart, while she works hard

Recommended product:

The Surface Laptop 2.
Director – Recommended product Surface Laptop 2 – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

Claire, the Director of a Recruitment Agency, has just arrived at the office to a busy day of meetings with her team and her clients.

Claire’s first meeting of the day is with several her employees, one of which works offsite, to make sure that the remote worker still feels included she brings her Surface Laptop 2 to make the meeting feels more personal. This is all thanks to the 1080p HD cameras, advanced mics, and Dolby® Audio™ Premium speakers.

Later in the day, Claire is preparing for a client meeting running analytics. It is now even easier to run relevant analysis on Power BI with 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors.

In her client meeting, Claire needs to take a “client” signature on the spot, this has never been easier than with the Surface Pen and electronic signature integration. Using the pen in tablet mode lets the Claire get closer to the client and be more transparent with them.

Wealth Advisor

A wealth advisor having a conversation with two people over their finances.
Wealth Adviser – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

A Wealth Advisor needs a device that can:

  • Work with colleagues to determine the best financial plans for clients
  • Stay in touch and productive while working remotely or en route to clients’ locations
  • Run financial software and other apps, with a device she can take around with her
  • Make a good impression on clients with the premium, stylish design of her device
  • Give customers a great experience by capturing approval and signatures with the Surface Pen

Recommended product:

Surface Book 2 on a desk.
Wealth Advisor recommended product – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

Sally, a Wealth Advisor, has a brand-new client and is collaborating with her team to come up with the perfect plan. Rather impressively the Surface book 2 can share ideas from colleagues and clients in real time, using Office co-authoring, OneDrive document sharing, the Surface Pen, and Skype for Business.

It is important that Wealth Advisors are using sleek and impressive devices to make sure they are showing the client that sally is using the best tools for the job.

Another great asset the Surface Book 2 has, is it allows “client” signatures on the spot with the Surface Pen and Electronic signature integration. Making sales quick and easy.

Branch Worker

A branch worker smiling at the camera in a warehouse holding a clip board.
Branch Worker – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

A branch worker needs a device that can:

  • Give customers an experience that feels unique and personal
  • Find information about promotions, and answers to questions. Then explain it all clearly
  • Hot desk anywhere in the office. Without having to set up each time he moves
  • Make a good and lasting impression on new and existing clients.

Recommended product:

Surface Go.
Branch Worker Recommended product Surface Go – What is the right surface device for you and your customers?

Keith, a branch worker, needs a device that will help team members safeguard customers’ personally identifiable information (PII). Windows 10 security features on the Surface go allows Keith to keep his customer’s data within GDPR rulings with ease.

With the added pressure of keeping customers data safe, Keith still needs to be able to open his device with easy and quickly. Using Windows Hello to sign in and cuts time and helps Keith to get working on busy days.

Keith has to travel for work so having her lightweight, compact device she is able to carry it with him everywhere he goes.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer using a Surface device to create artwork in a studio.
Graphic Designer – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

A Graphic designer needs a device that can:

  • Great resolution and vibrant colours
  • Be functional as a display but also be useful for artwork creation
  • Moveable for better positioning when creating artwork
  • Make a and lasting impression on new and existing clients
  • Run multiple Adobe programs at one time without hindering productivity

Recommended product:

Surface Studio 2.
Graphic Designer Recommended product Surface Studio 2 – What is the right surface device for you and your customers

Emma, the Graphic Designer, uses Surface Studio 2 when completing the client’s work. She uses the Studio on a day to day basis and creates marketing assets for her clients with ease.

Emma needed a device that enables her designing, It’s flexible positioning and touch screen features to make it easy to create and manipulate her designs in whatever way she wants, with a much quicker process.

Using the pen makes it easier to create more detailed and clear artwork meaning her clients are happier with the results. Using the dial makes it easier and quicker to scroll through brush settings and scroll through documented information. It can also zoom seamlessly into Emma’s artwork so she can check on every small detail.

The Surface Studio 2 makes it quicker, easier and more effective to do Emma’s job. The display is crystal clear, and the resolution is outstanding.

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