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Industries that need to operate effectively in wet or dusty conditions require tablet technology built to withstand the working environment. Rugged tablets and laptops are often the answer, specifically designed to tackle the rigours of harsh industrial environments such as military, construction and utilities. As well as having serious drop specifications they also carry high Ingress Protection (IP) ratings allowing them to handle water spillages, rain storms etc all at the same time as being renowned for their ease of mobility. Whilst all rugged tablets aren’t created equal, most offer high performance and compliance with security standards.

Demand is increasing

The global rugged tablet market is more robust than ever and showing no signs of abating. With the influx of emerging technologies and ever-more intelligent products, the competitive arena is ripe for the picking.

Whilst customer demand is dictating the direction of travel for resellers, it’s well worth trying to stay one step ahead of the game to out-manoeuvre the competition. And with recent developments at Zebra, maintaining this kind of market advantage has become a lot easier.

Taking on an even more rugged edge

Zebra recently acquired the Xplore family of rugged tablets, giving resellers an opportunity to jump the queue to the front line of demand. Its cross-industry application and clear, unique benefits are empowering workers in multiple field-based sectors, with smarter software and ever-more durable tablets.

Zebra has spent decades fine-tuning their industry know-how, designing solutions that always keep end users at the forefront of change. The addition of the Xplore family of tablets has taken this to new levels, optimising in-motion operations and facilitating faster business-critical decisions.

Give the people what they want

Demand for evolving rugged tablet technology is on the up. As more industries require it, more options enter the fray. In a report titled: Global Rugged Tablet Market 2018-2022, the analysts forecast the global rugged tablet market to grow at a CAGR of 6.85% during the period 2018-2022. [1]

Defence is one sector where demand is seen to be rising most. The need to minimise manual data distribution means military personnel require secure wireless and broadband technologies within highly protected networks.

Meanwhile verticals such as utilities, telecommunications, retail, transportation, medical, manufacturing and other industries are also set to ramp up demand for fully rugged tablets.

The L10 platform from Zebra

The new L10 platform from Zebra (part of the Xplore family) is primed and ready to meet this demand head-on. With both Windows 10 & Android OS available It makes the L10 one of the most attractive tablets on the market

offering a variety of configurations within a shared accessory ecosystem that’s already transforming office, vehicle and field-based tasks.

Whether your mobile workers prefer a slate tablet (XSLATE L10), a tablet with a hard-handle and built-in barcode reader option (XPAD L10), or a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet with a full-featured keyboard (XBOOK L10), the Zebra L10 is flexible enough to give workers a tool that’s fit for purpose.

This platform is interoperable with legacy and future IT systems to provide support for evolving business applications, such as those leveraged for Industry 4.0, IoT, automation and AR. Even for the most data-intensive business applications, the L10 platform is also available with up to 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage.

Stay connected

Furthermore, if your customers rely heavily on uninterrupted connectivity with colleagues, clients and business systems as mobile workers transition between networks, the L10 combines latest-generation NFC, Bluetooth®4.2, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, UBLOX GPS and 4G LTE mobile broadband technologies. This is particularly relevant to the military and health sectors where seamless, secure connectivity can be mission critical.

And there’s more…

For added functionality, each Zebra L10 rugged tablet can be equipped with application-based workflow-specific tools along with true Serial or HDMI-In ports, UHF RFID reader (AEI), plus an integral barcode reader (on the XPAD version only). To make it even more adaptable the L10 has options for USB 3.0, USB-C and RJ-45 ports featured on all versions. Your customers can enjoy over 24 hours of continuous power through battery-life extension options.

These enhancements, along with docking solutions for vehicle and the office, companion keyboards, smartcard/CAC reader, pens and carry cases, make it one of the most versatile rugged platforms on the market.

Only Zebra offers this many performance, security, connectivity and accessory options in one rugged mobile computer platform. As such, it’s become one of the most trusted providers on the market.

Paving the way for your success

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1 – https://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/4454629/global-rugged-tablet-market-2018-2022

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