Why Resellers should never lose a print sale

Daunted by the specialist knowledge required for some print transactions with end-users, Resellers are leaving opportunities on the table. What is needed is the right distribution support

The IT landscape has experienced a semantic shift in recent years. Box-shifting channel players have become a minority, as value added services became essential to stay in business and compete.

Recognising this change, Resellers increased their services offerings and worked closely with distributors to facilitate longer term relationships with end-users.

As printers have become more sophisticated in recent years, knowledge of which products are right for end-users and how they can be supported after the initial transaction has meant the channel needs a deeper knowledge base.

However, knowing what is expected from end-users in terms of specialist knowledge in print, some Resellers have grown cautious to committing themselves to certain deals. This can especially be the case in the public sector, where healthcare and education settings with specialist requirements can leave some Resellers believing they are better placed to leave deals to print or public sector-specialised channel peers.

This does not need to be the case. Ingram Micro has been a driving force behind the services and support-based industry evolution and today continues to focus on offering Resellers the expertise they need to land more business in specialised areas.

The help Resellers need 

Uniquely positioned at the centre of the technology ecosystem, Ingram Micro enables the consumption of technology across the full lifecycle of IT and mobility products and services. Ingram Micro helps Resellers optimise their business, from start-ups to global brands.

Resellers then leverage Ingram Micro’s capabilities and insights to successfully navigate and benefit from the complex technology ecosystem, and to grow their businesses and enhance profitability.

Ingram Micro is best positioned to support Resellers that want to provide print services to their end users in any type of public sector area.

As the world’s largest IT distributor, Ingram Micro has an entire team of dedicated sales specialists, product managers and business managers in its Print & Supplies division, which works with the UK’s biggest selling print and supplies brands.

Ingram Micro Print & Supplies General Manager Kerrie Spalding says:

“What Resellers need and will get from Ingram Micro is dedicated support and focused sales specialists for each vendor. There is a total of 105 years of distribution and reseller experience across our team so no question is too challenging for us to answer.  Our Resellers will also receive support with special pricing and deal requests due to our close working relationship with our Vendors and the ability to offer public sector discount offerings where applicable.  Ingram Micro recognise the move from traditional printer box shifting to a wrap around service and solution offering to their end customer and can support all of those requests too.
Many of our Resellers are already working with our cloud and advanced solutions divisions so adding on Print is purely an extension of what they already do -and we can make it easy too!
Ingram Micro is also the only hardware distributor to only sell genuine consumables with all our devices, and in a public sector setting where genuine toner and ink should be used to guarantee the products life and where cost and environmental issues are prevalent this is more important to us than ever”.

Flexible financial solutions

If you believe that budget issues should never hold back efficiency and growth, you will find a sympathetic ear at Ingram Micro where there are a range of flexible and comprehensive financial solutions to help Resellers increase their buying power and extend their credit.

Finance solutions from Ingram Micro include Purchase lease/Rent back, with FMV or capital finance structures for Resellers wanting to pull capital out of the equity of assets; Solution Financing, which provides bundled financial structures for more complex hardware and software/services requirements; and Managed Services, which includes support for end-users’ workspace, datacentre services and cyber security services. However, these options are not exhaustive and bespoke solutions can be created for Resellers.

Choosing financing solutions from Ingram Micro enables Resellers to grow their businesses by gaining a cashflow advantage, enabling operational flexibility and ensuring they are responsive to opportunities.
Marketing As A Service (MAAS)

In June last year, Ingram Micro launched Marketing As A Service (MAAS), opening up new opportunities for Ingram Micro to engage and nurture channel partners even further.

It enables Resellers to realise the potential of digital marketing and everything is conveniently packaged and ordered online. MAAS brings together all the digital marketing essentials Resellers need to promote their business and support direct sales activities.

Services include:

  • Website development
  • Social engagement
  • Digital brochure and direct mail
  • Brand assessment
  • PPC strategy
  • Marketing workshops
  • Data discovery
  • Bespoke events and more.

Commenting on the MAAS initiative, Maria Jackson, director of marketing at Ingram Micro, said: “Focus marketing resource. Control spend. Increase digital expertise. It is all part of our longer-term strategy and commitment to helping channel partners compete and grow in a digital world.”

All initiatives can be ordered online through the MAAS portal.

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