Zebra Thermal Printers turn up the heat on productivity

The humble thermal label printer is a key part of many organisations operations. They handle all sorts of jobs. Stock labelling in large factories, address labelling for global e-commerce sites, even patient wristbands or vial labelling for blood testing in hospitals and health institutions. Not forgetting tracking labels, wristbands for amusement and waterparks, receiving labels, asset labels, packing slips, receipts and more. 

In this regard, our partner, Zebra, understands that in a fast-paced working environment, there’s little margin for error. Time – literally – is money. If a business or organisation is under pressure to meet deadlines, old printers and legacy systems can be a serious drag on the business. Yes, they might still be working, but businesses are losing out on cost saving and productivity gains offered by newer technology.

Be it manufacturing, transportation or distributing goods, or serving customers or patients, Zebra has developed smart print tech to help your customers operate at their peak.

Their latest range of Thermal Label Printers makes remote management seamless, integration simpler and they offer unrivalled performance. Now, you can offer your customers print technology that ensures enhanced decision making and smoother workflows.

Zebra’s Thermal line-up

Industrial printers

Built for a diverse range of high to mid-volume industrial applications in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, government, retail and healthcare, Zebra’s industrial printers will enable your customers to do more with less. They integrate seamlessly into existing enterprise and are designed to keep pace with ever-changing business challenges. Your customers can view their full supply chain in real time and increase operational efficiencies.

Desktop printers

Your customers need desktop printers that are dependable, robust, user-friendly and space efficient. Zebra’s desktop printers are compact, really easy to operate, cost effective and reliable. They exemplify Zebra’s long history of innovation and industry-leading results, with a dedicated model for wristbands as well as many printers with excellent versatility.

Mobile printers

Zebra mobile printers are the ideal answer to printing on-the-go as well as every barcode need. From price labelling, to warehouse management, retail, receipts and specimen labelling, Zebra’s mobile printers keep industry moving forward.

Card printers

If your customers require efficient printing of secure IDs, gift cards, bank and store cards, personnel badges and more, Zebra card printers are the ideal choice. And single-sided or double-sided plastic card printing makes personnel tracking even simpler.

So, why should your customers upgrade?

Sticking with old technology comes at a cost. Businesses miss out on benefits that their competitors are taking advantage of. And IT is left to ploughing on with time-consuming management and maintenance. So, let’s look at key reasons why it’s time to ditch old thermal printers.

Upgrades work with existing systems

If your customers are keen to take advantage of the clear benefits a new Zebra

Link-OS has to offer but are concerned about the cost of modifying applications from a legacy vendor, then the answer has to be Zebra’s Link-OS Virtual Devices. Users can continue with existing software by providing language emulations for many legacy printer types. Furthermore, Zebra’s library of Virtual Devices can be quickly loaded into a Link-OS Desktop printer and activated to allow the printer to assimilate third-party command codes, without any impact to existing systems.


Older printers put organisations at risk of cyber-attack. Not just in large corporates; small businesses often face greater risk. Zebra printers can protect data. Also, data can also be encoded using Government-grade encryption which protects the most sensitive data during printing. And when it comes to fraud, to prevent media theft, media is secured within the printer and the printer can be anchored to a fixed location, to prevent theft of the entire unit.

Printer management and monitoring

With Zebra Link-OS desktop printers, your customers can view the printer’s webpage and control it from a laptop, smartphone or tablet device. Single or grouped devices can be controlled across the globe with Printer Profile Manager. Supplies can be ordered and maintained with Zebra’s Operational Visibility Services (OVS), and Zebra’s Asset Visibility Services (AVS) enables users to see the status of print supplies and assess how operational processes are performing.

Maintenance, consumables & support

Replacing consumable parts such as ribbons and cards is a routine part of thermal printer maintenance, but with older models it can be time-consuming. Here, Zebra makes all the difference. Zebra OneCare gives you prioritised customer support, ensuring minimum down-time and minimum adverse impact on productivity.

Designed to insulate you from unexpected repair costs, OneCare is only available on currently supported printers: which is a great reason to upgrade.

How Zebra’s Print DNA boosts productivity

Print DNA is the genetic code that injects business-catalytic capabilities into Zebra’s Link-OS printers through a unique combination of innovative applications, utilities and developer tools that benefit everyone. It offers simplified pairing with devices, including Android. It’s compatible with legacy software and enables enterprise printing solutions for Oracle and SAP, such as the ability to streamline barcode label printing and print directly from the Oracle Business Suite application.

Zebra and you – the benefits are clear

Our reseller partners can expect additional discounts on purchase of qualifying products via the Zebra Trade up Programme. Also, there’s up to €10,000 worth of Ingram-designed marketing campaigns ready for you to capitalize on. Plus, the first 10 resellers who purchase a printer through our Partner Programme will be rewarded with a Goodie Bag (excluding Premier Partners). For every printer sold through the programme, you’ll also be entered into a draw to attend an exclusive dinner hosted by Ingram Micro and Zebra. Ready to join the Partner Programme? Sign up today.

For more information on Zebra opportunities, please contact our DC POS team on 0371 973 3699 or email dcpos-uk@ingrammicro.com

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